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Two Money Making Ideas Using Checklists & Systems

Sphere of Influence/Center of Influence

Advantage Plus Home Buying System

Sphere of Influence/Center of Influence ... Sample marketing piece to a sphere of influence, past customers and clients...We recommend a handwritten note on personalized stationary (or a type written note with a personalized, handwritten P.S. on the bottom of your note to indicate a personalized thought.)
Dear __________________ ,

Just a quick note to thank you for helping me and my company make _____ a GREAT year.  We get the majority of our clients each year from repeat and referral business.  That's why I wanted to say thanks.  It's people like you that help me and my company reach and serve the needs of home buyers and home sellers in our area.

Attached you will find some information that may be of value or interest to you, your friends or your extended family members.  If you or anyone else you know could benefit from any of this information don't hesitate to contact me for a complimentary copy of any or all of the referenced checklists.

The accompanying single page marketing piece should be included with the above note.

Compliments of: (your name goes here)
  • The Three (3) Most Popular Checklists For Today's Homeowner
  • The Three (3) New 'TAX LAW' Changes Every Owner Of Real  Estate Needs to Know
  • The Top 4 Guidelines To Home Improvements
  • Refinancing???  The Checklist That Could Save YOU Thousands

The following are the most popular checklists for today's home buyers and home sellers.


  • "5 Big Mistakes Most Home Buyers Make & How You Can Avoid  Each One"
  • "13 Don'ts Every Home Buyer Should Know"
  • "8 Ways To Protect Yourself Against Unpleasant Surprises When  Buying A Home"
  •  "6 Truths About Today's Marketplace That Every Home Seller  Needs To Know"
  •  "8 Critical Issues To Consider When Negotiating The Sale Of  Your Home"
  •  "The Top 10 Exterior Items That Make Your Home Look It's Best"

Call me at ____________ for a complimentary copy of any of the above checklists or any of my other 101 specialized Real Estate Checklists & Systems.

The Advantage Plus Home Buying System


The Home Buying Process From A To Z
The Importance Of Selecting The Right Agent & Company
How To Find The Right Home & Package Your Offer
Market Value…How To Read Today’s Marketplace
Shopping For The Best Loan
Proven Steps To Practicing “Safe Buying”
Simple Steps To Make Your Move Easier

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The Advantage Plus Home Buying System

Welcome To My Advantage Plus Home Buying System…
Designed Specifically For Today’s Discriminating Home Buyer

All Real Estate Companies & agents provide traditional home buying services, however, in today’s world I have found that traditional service is not enough so I have developed an upgraded system called the Advantage Plus Home Buying System.

The Home Buying Process From A to Z

•18 Steps Most Buyers Take To Buy Their Home
•5 Proven Checklists To Help Keep You On Track & Avoid Common Buyer Mistakes
•5 Simple Steps To Buying Your Next Home That Could Save You Thousands Of Dollars
•5 Simple Steps To Becoming A “Smart Buyer”
•13 “Don’ts” Every Home Buyer Should Know
•Are You A Ready, Willing & Able Buyer-7 Critical Issues To Consider
•Getting Yourself “In Shape” To Buy Your Next Home
•3 Major Tax Issues Every Home Buyer Of Real Estate Needs To Know
•The 5 Big Mistakes Most Home Buyers Make & How You Can Avoid Each One
•Buyer Goal Worksheet

Selecting Your Agent & Company

•7 Questions A Buyer Should Ask An Agent Prior To Making Their Agent Selection
•Do I Need An Agent When Buying A Home? 9 Critical Points
•The Top 8 Reasons For Using A Professional Real Estate Agent

Finding The Right Home

•6 Truths About Today’s Marketplace That Will Help Any Buyer Be More Realistic
•14 Steps To Getting Yourself “In Shape” To Be A First Time Buyer
•23 Ingredients To Successfully Selecting A Contractor Or Home Remodeler For Buyers
•A Proven “3 Step Approach” To Selecting The Right Property
•Before You Continue Your Pursuit Of Buying Your Next Home…The “Big 3” Questions To Ask Yourself!
•Location-Location-Location…7 Characteristics Of An Economically Healthy Neighborhood
•Prioritizing Your Needs As A Buyer…30+ Home Buying Issues To Consider
•Searching For Your Next Home…11 Questions To Ask Yourself
•6 Keys To Make You & Your Offer Look GREAT!

Market Value

•8 Different Kinds Of Value & The One That Most People Care About
•What Is A CMA?
•7 Things Every Consumer Needs To Know About A Real Estate Appraisal
•22 Items To Consider When Shopping For A Neighborhood
•Sample Appraisal Form

Shopping For The Best Loan

•5 Questions To Ask Yourself When Shopping For The Best Loan
•6 Items That Combine To Make Up Your Monthly Mortgage Payment
•6 Of The Most Popular Mortgage Options
•5 Types Of Mortgages That Will Help You Save Thousands
•CASH STRAPPED? Down Payment Obstacles Can Be Overcome With Some Creativity!
•6 Ideas On How To Buy A Home With Little Or No Money Down
•14 General Questions To Ask All Lenders
•12 Things To Consider When Getting A Fixed Rate Loan
•26 Questions To Ask When Getting An ARM Loan
•5+ Key Components To Most Adjustable Rate Mortgages
•Evaluating Yourself From A Lender’s Point Of View…5 Critical Areas To Consider
•9 Things Most Lenders Focus On When Evaluating A Property For Lending Purposes
•Home Loan Application Checklist
•21+ Common Closing Costs For Buyers
•Sample Loan Application
•Sample Appraisal Form

You & Your Offer To Purchase (Safe Buying)

•8+ Ways To Protect Yourself Against Unpleasant Surprises When Buying A Home
•12+ Sets Of Rules & Regulations Every Home Buyer Should Be Aware Of Before Buying
•13 Common Contingencies Buyers Might Consider Putting Into Their Offer To Purchase
•10 Key Questions To Ask A Home Inspector Before Hiring One
•Home Warranty Policy Checklist…For Buyers
•The TOP 10 Service Providers You’ll Want To Consider The Next Time You Purchase A Home
•9 Things Every Buyer Needs To Know About Title Insurance
•5+ Of The Most Common Hidden Defects In Real Property
•The Final “Walk-Thru”

Making Your Move Easier

•Making Your Move Less Stressful…A Checklist To Make Sure Things Get Done
•Moving Checklist For Buyers
•Moving Checklists For Kids
•Moving Checklist For Pets
•Moving Checklist For Plants

Special Properties

•9 Issues To Consider Before Buying A Condominium
•Attention Condo Buyers: 3 Warning Signs That Could Cost You Thousands Of Dollars
•4 Keys To Choosing Your Site For New Construction
•19 Bits Of Data That Will Help You Objectively Evaluate The Building Site
•Selecting A Winning Team To Build Your New Home…4 Questions You Need To Ask Yourself
•Should I Be My Own Contractor? 10 Critical Questions To Ask Yourself

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